The SuperSet combines the superior sealing capabilities of CHESTERTON’S Mechanical Packing products with the patented design of the EnviroSeal SpiralTrac* Version P Environmental Controller for Packed Stuffing Boxes. This total sealing solution set is specifically designed and proven to increase packing and equipment service life while dramatically reducing flush rates. The savings are real- increased reliability with lower maintenance and operating costs.


  • Dramatically reduces flush requirements- up to 90%
  • Extends packing life 2- 6 times than that of a standard packed stuffing box
  • Prevents solids from getting between the packing and shaft
  • Minimizes erosion and wear of shaft/ sleeve
  • Typically reduces number of packing rings- 40% in typical stuffing box
  • Less consolidation and fewer gland adjustments required
  • Easier repacking
  • No lantern movement
  • Decreases product loss from the stuffing box

Produktblad SuperSets

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