Chemraz’s distinctive chemical composition makes it well suited for a wide range of applications. Because of its low compression set, outstanding physical properties and almost universal chemical resistance, Chemraz provides an incredibly high sealing force. Products such as Chemraz extend the reliability and life of your equipment in hostile conditions while protecting people and the environment from emissions.

Chemraz components are available in standard shapes such as O-rings and gaskets, as well as in customer-specific designs, including flat seals, diaphragms, tubing, valve seats and rubber-to-metal connections.

  • Chemraz 555, 605 and 600 – broad chemical resistance.
  • Chemraz 505, 504 and 510 – standard compounds.
  • Chemraz 615 – for high temperatures.
  • Chemraz 514 and 517 – white compounds.
  • Chemraz 584 and 585 – specific media.
  • Chemraz SD625, SD517 and SD585 – FDA compliant.
  • Chemraz 526 – explosive decompression resistant.

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