Chesterton® 9K anti-extrusion rings, often referred to as back-up rings, are designed to prevent seals or O-rings from extruding into equipment clearances while under pressure. Each ring is individually manufactured and provides excellent performance, as a supporting element, to both piston, rod and face seals that are generally found in static or dynamic applications.

Chesterton® 9K anti-extrusion rings, utilize a machining process to create a final product which enables all sizes to be made to equipment dimensions. These anti-extrusion rings are available in various extrusion-resistant materials and are located on the back-side or low pressure side of the sealing element they are supporting. Anti-extrusion rings are available in many materials and custom profiles including rectangular, contoured, continuous or split designs.

  • Prevent extrusion of sealing element into equipment clearances, improve MTBR
  • Static and dynamic applications, plant-wide usage
  • Machining process, allows the flexibility to create any size
  • Available in various profiles and materials
  • Back up rings, prevent seal extrusion