Low Emissions Isolation Valve. Packing for Chemical Service. Meets new reduced emissions levels without live loading.

CHESTERTON 1726 Low E Packing is specially designed to minimize isolation valve emissions to help companies in the petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries meet – and even exceed – current emissions requirements. It is an innovative PTFE with a carbon core stem packing that can accomplish these sealing levels without the use of costly and time-consuming live loading assemblies.

1726 is uniquely constructed with a combination of PTFE surrounding a carbon core in a true double-braided formation. The PTFE jacket provides chemical resistance and lower friction while the specially formulated carbon core provides superior sealing capability in harsh, corrosive environments. The result is a non-hardening, flexible packing that is extremely strong yet extrusion-resistant, resulting in a highly secure and reliable seal for emissions service.