16K, 17K

Chesterton® 16K and 17K replaceable Bearing Band Strips are the solution to costly cylinder re-machining and repairs for large diameter hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.
These split, replaceable bearings prevent metal-to-metal scoring and reduce radial movement, therefore, extending seal and equipment life.

The split, continuous coil designs are made from a combination of composite polyester resin reinforced with synthetic fibers specifically designed to support heavy loads.
The exceptional physical properties and built-in lubricants make it suitable for use on rams or pistons in reciprocating applications.

  • Prevent metal-to-metal scoring, help prolong equipment life
  • Reduce radial movement, extend seal life
  • Built-in lubricant for lower coefficient of friction between mating surfaces
  • Split continuous coil accommodates large diameter equipment

Katalog Polymer Seals

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